What is this Employee Feedback Application?        

Input Ladder's Employee Feedback Tool is an employee communications tool, designed to facilitate open-communication. It allows employees to better engage with management and HR by allowing open and anonymous feedback about company issues.  


Can I post comments anonymously?

Yes. Any employee comment can be posted by name or anonymously. XR is committed to maintaining the anonymity of this process.


What is my organizational code?

An organizational code and company id are word/number combinations. XR’s organizational code is “xrtrading”. The company id is changed on a periodic basis and can be found on the XR wiki.


How do I post a comment?

Simply click the Submit button on the home page, under the Employee section. Then, enter the organizational code of your company. Once you enter the organizational code, click Post a comment.


Are comments really private?

Yes, your comments are really anonymous. No names will appear when you post a comment. That said, please be responsible when posting. Slander, profanities, blatant falsities, and any form of irresponsible commenting is prohibited. In extreme cases, legal interventions may require the use of private user information which may disclose the origination of comments. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more information. 


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